Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Land is Browns Town people !!!!!

    I just have to say something that is to some of us at Urban Kutz Barbershop very serious. I know you are probably tired of talking about the Browns and their never ending rebuilding process, their infinite stream of quarterbacks, or their terrible win/loss ratio. We get tired of talking about it too,however this particular rant is defending the Browns, YES YOU READ IT CORRECTLY. This piece is in defense of the Cleveland Browns.
    I was born and raised in Cleveland,East Cleveland to be exact. With that being said I was raised like many of you, watching Cleveland sports teams. This has definitely been a journey that has been tough at times.Their has been many highs in Cleveland sports history but I must admit the lows far exceed them especially with the Browns which is my favorite Cleveland team. Just like any other committed relationship it can be tough at times.I will admit the thought of breaking up with the Browns and choosing another team has came to mind but I could not bring myself to do something drastic as that. To me the absolutely worse thing a sports fan can do is to not be a fan of the city you are from.This is sports blasphemy and is just not respected by me and my real deep rooted sports fans.
  This is part where I may loose friends . It is even more personal when I run across friends that grew up in the mean streets of Cleveland like me, still live here ,and now they are steelers fans. How could you! How dare you ! Oh how I can not stand this. It is one thing to turn your back on the Browns and pick another team. It goes to a whole new level of blasphemy when you put the Browns down and pick up the sqeelers .Oh helllllll no ! I feel my blood boiling as I type these words out. Their is no reason that can justify this Benedict Arnold type of decision.
 With Cleveland growing more and more we get lots of new people moving here from all over in the United States. Many of these people are football fans and they have no problem representing the city they are from as they should. Everyone is in good spirits when we rag on each others team , needless to say the Browns are a easy target. We Browns fans can take it,we have grown tough skin over the years. While all the barbershop lighthearted  football banter is going on in comes the homegrown Cleveland steelers fan .That name  does not sound right does it? That is because IT IS NOT RIGHT. I am from The Land til I die.

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